Welcome to New Hope Presbyterian Church! If you are looking for a church home, or just passing through the area, we hope you will join us for worship on Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. We are an intergeneration church, and faithful members of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Our mission as a church is “hope together, grow in faith.” Everyone is welcomed!

UPDATE: July 1, 2020

Hello Friends! What a summer it has been, and continues to be. I know we are still far from what we used to consider our normal church life activities at this time of year, but every week I am nothing but thankful by the way our entire church continues to model the adaptability of how a church should look! “Resilient” is the buzz word of our times, but it truly is the perfect word to describe our congregation during these days by how we continue to care for one another, worship together, and stay connected in new and creative ways. We are building the bridge as we go, the road is unclear, but one thing is for sure, when we get on the other side of our current challenges be it several more weeks or several more months, it will be together.

There is, however, one exciting item to share in regards to our worshiping life together. We will resume in-person outdoor worship this coming Sunday, July 5th!  Before we get to those details, I want to say upfront many of us might not yet feel comfortable being in this type of gathering. By all assessments Covid is still largely and prominently with us. With any gathering of larger groups risk factors of exposure go up, plain and simple. We will take every single precaution we can reasonably do for our outdoor service, but all this to say if you do not feel comfortable coming to outdoor in-person worship, please do not. Our 11:00 am digital service will be the exact same as the in-person outdoor service for this reason. If we had to assign labels the digital 11:00 am service is still our “main” service. We will also continue mailing manuscripts of our services to the phone tree lists.

With all that being said, here are the details for our outdoor service and what you can expect! The service will start at 9:00 am, which hopefully will help us beat some of the July heat, and it will take place in front of the sanctuary doors on the grass and pavement. We have plenty of large trees for shade in our front yard, and a sound system to aid in hearing. When you walk to the front of the church you’ll see in the grass many designated markers for seating. It is crucial for this gathering to only sit around where there is a marker as to make sure we keep our required six feet of distance.

Here is where you can help! We will have some chairs available if required, but if you can bring your own folding chair that will greatly help our set up time and help limit traffic in and out of the church. As inconvenient as it can feel, we also ask that if you are planning on attending please wear a mask. This is most important particularly when arriving and when leaving, or any other time we might be in close proximity with one another during our worship such as speaking or moving around. If for some reason you forget your mask, the church does have some extras, but try as best as possible to bring yours.

Like our digital services, our outdoor worship will be approximately 30 minutes and will focus on scripture and prayer. The church building is still not ready for inside functions and as tempting as it might be to try and congregate inside, please do not do so. The Pathfinder’s Sunday School is discussing still meeting by phone at 10:00 am so if you are part of that class talk to Richard. The one exception for going inside the church of course is bathrooms, and the sanctuary bathrooms in the narthex will be available.

The deal breaker is this…if it were to rain, with the required current restrictions we simply do not have enough room to gather safely inside keeping the required distance for these next few weeks. If it rains, we will cancel outdoor worship for that particular Sunday, and only have the 11:00 am. Hopefully, as most summer showers come in the afternoon our mornings will be clear. But if not, we will make a rain call by 8:00 on Facebook, email, and phone tree if it appears to be inclement weather.

There is a lot in this letter, and who would have ever thought outdoor worship would have so many instructions? But, it is the reality in which we find ourselves. Even in this condensed time frame and different way, it will still be a blessing to be in one another’s company. I am so glad we can have this opportunity, and if you feel comfortable coming this Sunday see you at 9:00 am! For everyone else, I’ll see you like normal on Facebook Live at 11:00 am!

As always, feel free to call me if you have any questions.

Peace to you and yours,