What to Expect During Worship

It can always be a bit intimidating to walk into an unfamiliar church. When you come to New Hope you can expect to be greeted with hospitality. Feel free on the way to your pew to pick up a water and welcome packet in the entrance way to learn more about us. As an inclusive church and congregation we are composed of all ages, life experiences, opinions, social and economic backgrounds. Our weekly worship service has a robust chancel choir and thoughtful music, sermons that are relevant for today, and a congregation who loves God and loves people. All ages of children are welcome to stay in the 11:00 o’clock worship service, attend children’s church, or there is a nursery for our youngest visitors if desired. On the left side of the church’s sanctuary there is a wheel chair accessible side door that leads to the sanctuary. An usher is always close by to help with questions upon entering the church.


Restrooms are located off the narthex with a women’s restroom on the right and men’s restroom on the left. There are also restrooms and a water fountain in the education wing (hallway behind the sanctuary) and a children’s restroom with changing table in the nursery, also located off the hallway behind the sanctuary. 


If you have mobility restrictions with stairs or require wheelchair access, the left side door requires no stairs to enter the sanctuary as there is a side ramp going up the front entrance.   

Emergency Assistance 

In the event of an emergency where we would have to leave the sanctuary quickly, the sanctuary has four exits with the front door and left side door in the back of the sanctuary which go directly outside. There are two separate doorways on the left and right side of the chancel which lead to a hallway and an additional outside exit. A fire extinguisher is located in the entrance way of the sanctuary near the men’s restroom, and there is an emergency defibulator in the hallway behind the sanctuary.