April 2018

The nineteenth century atheist philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, once remarked, “If Christians want me to believe in their redeemer, they need to look more redeemed.” Though I do not agree with Nietzsche’s outlook on religion, the truth of his statement always challenges me, and especially the week after Easter. It has only been three days since the celebration of our Lord’s resurrection, and yet I am back to business as usual. My mind has shifted from the triumphant sounds and colors of Easter Sunday to thinking about the next Sunday. I am back to checking off to do lists, and making plans for the summer and weeks to come. Even my refrigerator is back to normal as I have polished off the last of the deviled eggs and scalloped potatoes.

As we move away from the celebration of Easter, Nietzsche’s words remind me how quickly we can forget that we are redeemed in the mess and jolts of everyday life.  Distractions happen, and before we know it the melodies of Easter hymns give way to the melodies of self-criticism and a noisy world. Naturally, it will always be easier to remember we are redeemed with the sound of a beautiful choir, but the challenge is to remember each day and to proclaim that the stone is rolled away. We are called to proclaim God’s resurrected and redeeming love for the world, occasionally with words, but most often by the way we interact with one another.

Of course being a Christian does not mean we have to smile all the time, or are not allowed our equal share of hard days and honest emotions. But the fact that we are redeemed does and should affect our attitude by the way we view one another, and the way we view ourselves. To look redeemed is to look like Jesus serving and mending a broken world, and this is our greatest witness to the resurrection of Christ.

The tomb is empty! Our Lord is out and on the move, even passing into locked rooms and locked hearts like we will soon hear with Jesus’ encounter with Thomas. As the days move further away from Easter Sunday, remember the next time you look in the mirror that you not only see yourself, but also one who is redeemed!




The Mission & Outreach Committee reports the following amount of food delivered to Crisis  Assistance Ministry for March: 14 bags.

American Red Cross Blood Drive

Many thanks to everyone who helped make our blood drive possible on February 20. We collected 34 units. This is an important ministry of New Hope Presbyterian. We are supporting our community and saving lives. Our next blood drive will be July 3, 2018.

Quarterly Quarters

Our next Quarterly Quarters Sunday collection will be on April 8. Money received for this program goes into a special fund that is set aside for any emergency and/or unexpected need we may experience. Our goal is to reach $15,000 which represents approximately one month’s operating expenses for the church. Thanks to everyone for participating in this endeavor.

Also, please plan to join the Finance Committee on Sunday, April 15 after the worship service for a covered dish lunch. Bring your favorite dishes to share with your church family. We will celebrate the progress we are making with our Quarterly Quarters program and enjoy spending time together.